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White Ensign RATS for Individuals

Our pension products and client service solutions are built specifically with members in mind.

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The White Ensign Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme (RATS) for Individuals

The White Ensign RATS is a solution for individuals to save for their retirement and to amalgamate their pension savings, including those held in UK registered arrangements, to provide a cost-effective, flexible, trouble-free, well-designed retirement savings vehicle with investment flexibilty.

The White Ensign RATS managed by BWCI Pension Trustees Limited provides a positive retirement solution for individuals and provides them with investment flexibility.

Investment Features of the White Ensign RATS

We recognise that individuals have varying objectives for saving for retirement. As a result, we offer flexibility within the White Ensign RATS so that each individual can tailor the RATS for their own needs.

We set out below the key features of the different options.



You can select and direct investment decisions subject to any regulatory restrictions




You appoint a financial advisor (subject to agreement from BWCI) who has the power to make, select and direct investments




BWCI has the power to make, select and direct investment decisions having regard to your wishes


Benefit Features of the White Ensign RATS

We set out below some of the key benefits provided by White Ensign RATS.



Any Guernsey resident or

Non Guernsey resident who has earned benefits in a Guernsey approved pension arrangement or

Non Guernsey residents with no previous benefits.



You can retire at any age between 50 (or earlier due to ill health) and 75.

You can elect to receive up to 30% of your account as a lump sum payable as a series of lump sum payments, if required. Your residual account will be used to provide you with regular draw down payments. Transfers in from UK arrangements may be subject to different restrictions.



On death before or after retirement your account can be paid to your dependants as a lump sum or regular draw down payments.

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Key Principles

The key principles behind the BWCI White Ensign RATS are:


Simple and easy to understand

You can choose the investment approach to be adopted including the appointment of a discretionary fund manager

Contribution flexibility through either regular or lump sum payments

Loans are permitted subject to relevant approvals and regulations


Easy to set up and cost-effective

Transfers in from other pension arrangements enable you to bring all your pension savings together

Draw down payments available in a seamless process

Investment returns will be free from Guernsey tax

Our Approach

Product Simplicity
Too much choice and complexity confuses everybody.

We keep it simple
Expertise and Experience

We have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team to support you in saving for your retirement.

We support you
Simple Communications

Product descriptions are in a language that everyone understands.

We make it clear
Help For You

It is important that you are able to get on with your day-to-day life without distractions and do what you do best. We do all the administration in a simple and trouble-free manner.

We take the strain
Transparency of Charging

To help build trust in pensions we believe it is vital that charges are simple and transparent.

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