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The Global Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme

The Blue Riband Global RATS is designed for internationally mobile individuals

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The Blue Riband Global Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme (RATS) for Individuals

The Blue Riband Global RATS is a pension scheme established under trust in Guernsey and recognised under section 40(ee) of the Income Tax (Guernsey) Law 1975. It is managed by BWCI Pension Trustees Limited and is designed for internationally mobile individuals.

Internationally Mobile Individuals
Individuals who work in a number of different countries during their career may find it difficult to make adequate provision for their retirement. They may not work in a country long enough to receive benefits from the local scheme or the currency of the local plan may not be suitable for their long term retirement plans.

Membership of Blue Riband Global is open to everyone but is designed for internationally mobile individuals who are not domiciled in the UK. Potential members are encouraged to seek their own tax advice before joining in order to ensure that Blue Riband Global RATS is suitable for their individual circumstances.

Features of the Blue Riband Global RATS

The Blue Riband Global RATS can provide a 100% lump sum on retirement

Members are assigned a Personal Account within Blue Riband Global RATS and unlimited contributions can be made to this. In addition, the scheme can accept transfers from other pension arrangements.

Retirement Benefits
Members can retire at any age between 50 (or earlier with the Trustees agreement or if in ill health) and 75. At retirement, up to 100% of the Personal Account can be paid as a lump sum. Any benefits not received as a lump sum will be paid as a pension, normally by the drawdown of income and capital. Alternatively, there is the option to purchase an annuity with an insurance company.

Death Benefits
On death, before or after retirement the Personal Account can be paid to dependants as a lump sum or as regular pension payments.

All pensions and lump sums will be paid tax-free from Guernsey provided you are not resident in the Channel Islands. However, you may have a liability to pay tax on your retirement income in your own country of residence, depending upon your personal situation.

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Investment Opportunities

Members can choose how their Personal Account is invested. Investment returns will be free from Guernsey tax.

As investment values are not guaranteed and may fluctuate, the Blue Riband Global RATS provides a range of funds to enable contributions to be invested across a diverse range of assets. Please refer to the Investor’s Guide for further details.


The Blue Riband Global RATS provides a range of ten dollar-denominated funds as standard.


As an alternative to the standard dollar-denominated fund range, members can appoint their own investment manager and construct a bespoke investment portfolio, in a currency of their choice. Further details are available on request.

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