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The Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan

The Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan provides a positive retirement solution for Isle of Man employers and employees.

The provision of a company sponsored pension scheme forms a key part of any remuneration package offered to staff. A company sponsored pension scheme can be a great way for employers to show employees that they are a responsible and caring employer.

With increased media focus on pensions, employees are taking a greater interest in their financial planning for retirement. A good quality company pension scheme helps to recruit staff at the outset, with many individuals now asking about pension arrangements as part of the interview process. A company pension scheme can also go a long way to encourage employees to remain loyal to an employer.

For all these reasons, the BWCI Group have designed the Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan, which is available to Isle of Man employers who wish to provide a company pension scheme for their employees resident in the Isle of Man.

The Blue Riband Plan provides an employer – whether finance or non-finance sector, small or large employer – with a cost effective, flexible, hassle free, well designed company pension scheme. The Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan, managed by BWCI Pension Trustees Limited in conjunction with the Isle of Man administrator, provides a positive retirement solution for Isle of Man employers and employees.

Features of the Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan

The Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan can be tailored to meet individual employers’ specific needs.

We recognise that companies have varying objectives for their pension plans. As a result, we offer flexibility within the Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan so that each company can select a pension plan ideally suited for their needs. In addition, each company may operate a different plan type for different categories of employees.

We set out below the key features of the different options.



Suitable for organisations which are looking for a company pension plan that offers a core set of low cost index-tracking investments and exceptional value for money.


Already established – no customisation

Deed of Adherence
Produced from standard documents

Investment Strategies

Lifestyle (1) or Self Select.

Investment Funds

12 core funds across a broad range of asset classes. These funds are index-tracking

Member Communication
  • Employer’s Factsheet: Customised
  • Member Booklet
  • Investor’s Guide
  • Member forms
  • Website



This is a company specific plan that allows you to tailor the plan to your specific requirements, including your own branding on member communications and the member website. An “open architecture” fund choice is also an available option (subject to Trustee consent).

More details are available on request.

Advantages of the Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan

The advantages of the Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan for employers and employees are:


  • Acts as a tool for recruitment, motivation and retention of staff
  • Appreciated by employees
  • Employees receive “value-for-money” for their contributions
  • Easy to set up and cost effective
  • Different fee options open to employers
  • The Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan can have additional investment funds included
  • The Blue Riband Plan name can be tailored to employer name so gives connection to their current employer
  • Employers can decide on their contribution rate, which may include employer/employee matching and a contribution rate structure which varies by length of service or grade of an employee
  • Employers do not have to pay National Insurance Contributions on their contributions to the Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan
  • No limit on the contributions made in respect of an employee (subject to overall benefit limits laid down by the Assessor of Income Tax)
  • All routine administration issues dealt with by professional administrators, so employers are left to focus on running their business
  • Dedicated website with online access available to selected representatives of the employer (e.g. HR Department)
  • Only contributions paid need to be accounted for in company accounts


  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Helpful and easy to understand communication documents, e.g. members’ booklet and information pack is given to new joiners
  • Investor’s Guide setting out investment options and investment fund fact sheets
  • Ability to pay regular or lump sum voluntary contributions
  • Employees receive valuable tax relief on their contributions (subject to certain limits)
  • Employees can transfer in benefits to amalgamate pension savings
  • Ability to receive a lump sum before commencing pension payments
  • Lifestyle Strategy or Self Select Approach to investment available
  • Lifestyle Strategy is suitable for employees who find it difficult to make a decision or fund choice
  • Lifestyle Strategy can be tailored to each member depending on their selected Target Retirement Age
  • Alternatively, an excellent range of funds to choose from under Self Select Approach
  • Death in Service benefits provide protection for employees’ dependants (if the employer pays the required premiums)
  • On-line access gives full details of the Blue Riband Isle of Man Retirement Plan and contribution history, including a facility to request changes to employees’ investment strategy online and a pension projector
  • Dedicated client team and email facility

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