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Guernsey RATS for Individuals

Our pension products and client service solutions are built specifically with members in mind.

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The Blue Riband Guernsey Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme (RATS) for Individuals

The Blue Riband Guernsey RATS is a solution for Guernsey residents to save for their retirement and to amalgamate their pension savings, including those held in UK registered arrangements, to provide a cost-effective, flexible, trouble-free, well-designed retirement savings vehicle.

The Blue Riband Guernsey RATS is managed by BWCI Pension Trustees Limited and provides a positive retirement solution for Guernsey residents.

Features of the Blue Riband Guernsey RATS

We recognise that individuals have varying objectives for saving for retirement. As a result, we offer flexibility within the Blue Riband Guernsey RATS so that each individual can tailor the RATS for their own needs.

We set out below the key features of the different options.



Suitable for individuals who are looking for a retirement savings vehicle that has access to a core set of low-cost index-tracking investments and additional actively managed funds selected from a range of investment managers whilst still offering exceptional value for money.

Investment Strategies

Lifestyle (3) or Self Select.

Investment Funds
13 core funds across a broad range of asset classes. These funds are index-tracking. Also, 12 additional actively managed funds selected from a range of investment managers across the major asset classes.



Similar to the Enhanced RATS but also including a number of selected funds in specialist asset classes. This option is only suitable for individuals with knowledge of the investment markets.

Investment Strategies

Lifestyle (3) or Self Select.

Investment Funds

13 core funds and 33 additional active and passive managed funds selected from a range of investment managers. These represent a wide set of asset classes including specialist categories.

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Key Principles

The key principles behind the BWCI Blue Riband Guernsey RATS are:


Simple and easy to understand

Members Booklet setting out the benefits and an Investor’s Guide setting out investment options

Contributions eligible for valuable tax relief (subject to limits) and flexible regular or lump sum payment

Dedicated website

Pension projector available to help plan for retirement


Easy to set up and cost-effective

Lifestyle Strategy which automatically switches investments as you get closer to retirement

Transfers in from other pension arrangements enable you to bring all your pension savings together

Draw down payments available in a seamless process

Full transparency on costs, no hidden charges

Our Approach

Product Simplicity

Too much choice and complexity confuses everybody.

We keep it simple
Expertise and Experience

We have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team to support you in saving for your retirement.

We support you
Simple Communications

Product descriptions are in a language that everyone understands.

We make it clear
Web Access For All

We provide 24 hours a day secure access with up to date valuations, pension projections and the ability to switch between investment funds.

We support you
Help For You

It is important that you are able to get on with your day-to-day life without distractions and do what you do best. We do all the administration in a simple and trouble-free manner.

We take the strain
Transparency of Charging

To help build trust in pensions we believe it is vital that charges are simple and transparent.

We tell you

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