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Positive Retirement Solutions

Positive Retirement Solutions

Our pension products and client service solutions are designed specifically with members in mind.

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Positive Retirement Solutions

Our pension products and client service solutions are built specifically with members in mind.

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Delivering Pension Plan Solutions For Everyone

Our pension plans are constructed to meet the needs of individuals, either as a personal plan or a company scheme. Why not talk to us and see what we can do for you?

Pension plans for everyone

BWCI has pension plans to suit everyone, whether you are an employer or an individual.  We offer pension plans in Guernsey, Jersey, and for the Isle of Man.  We also look after employers and individuals who work in jurisdictions with no local schemes or who are internationally mobile.

A single package

BWCI’s pension plans are market-leading. They are modern, simple, flexible and cost-effective. BWCI provides trusteeship, administration, investment selection and online access in a single package.

Low cost

Costs are kept low because we deal direct. We don’t pay financial advisers, and so we don’t have to pass the cost on to you. We use technology to provide a streamlined quality service.

Tax approval

Our pension plans have all the relevant tax approvals.

QROPS – transfers from the UK

BWCI’s pension products include those with Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (“QROPS”) status. This means individuals have the facility to transfer pension benefits from UK pension plans into their Guernsey or Jersey pension plans.


BWCI is independent, so does not take commission from investment managers or pay commission to intermediaries. The product charges that you see are the charges that you pay; nothing else.

Investment freedom

BWCI is free to choose any investment manager; relationships with a single provider do not constrain us.

Guernsey secondary pensions

Secondary pensions will be implemented in Guernsey from 2024, and likely to have an impact on all Guernsey employers. The aim is for every employer, with very few exceptions, to have a pension plan in place for their employees.

Secondary pensions are planned for Alderney as well as Guernsey.  The approach is similar to the UK Government’s establishment of auto-enrolment in workplace pension schemes.

BWCI has solutions for employers, including clean and simple pension plans. If you want access to specialist consultancy, then that is available too. 


It’s easy to get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about a pension plan with BWCI, we are easy to talk to.

Mike Freer and Sarah de Garis can be contacted by phone, email, or will be happy to arrange a meeting.